Wednesday, December 28, 2011

People Music and Dropping Gems presents...

MUX MOOL (Ghostly International - Brooklyn NYC)
DANNY CORN (PDneXt, Frite Nite - PDX)
GHOST FEET (Dropping Gems - SEA)
DJAO (Dropping Gems - SEA)
(Uniting Souls - SEA)

live visuals by 12hr notice (CBAC - SEA)
9pm-2am | $10 per person day of show | 21+ w/ID
    1325 E Madison St
    Seattle WA

Ghostly International - Brooklyn NYC

Mux Mool -Planet High School (2012) [Ghostly] // Grade: A-

If Mux Mool’s debut full-length Skulltaste rounded up the familiar sounds of NES-generation suburban boredom, Planet High School channels its mid-20-something future self: The older brother a few years out of college, still enamored of all that frantic wackiness, sure, just slightly more even-keeled in expressing it. We’re not talking some major about-face here — Mux Mool’s still dealing in the same shades of chiptune, drum and bass, downtempo and hip-hop that defined Skulltaste — but there’s enough confidence and restraint about Planet High School to make you wonder if maybe, just maybe, Brian Lindgren’s beginning to chill out. You know, a little.

   Because really, Planet High School shines brightest in its most relaxed moments. Lindgren’s production goes all buttery and smooth here, with tracks like “Ruin Everything” and the prancing two-step staccato of “Palice Chalice” building effortlessly into a labyrinth of beat and bass. There’s something almost Royksopp-ish about the way these harmonies weave through each other, even the harsher, bitcrushed arpeggios of “Raw Gore”; it’s that instant emotional connection of notes to nostalgia, a tough-to-define atmosphere shifting its mood with every measure.

   ‘Course, this being Mux Mool and all, that mood often shifts into sheer sonic overload. The back-and-forth breakbeats of “Live at 7-11”, that wicked wobble in “Get Yer Alphabets (Guns)”; this is where Planet High School sends your head spinning, goes vertiginous in all its ramped up excitement. It’s that iconic Skulltaste vibe, only here it’s treated as an accent to the album’s pacing rather than its heavy core. You might wonder how you got from point A to B, but rest assured: Planet High School always spins you back around to center. Just like a good older brother should.

PDneXt, Frite Nite - Portland, OR

For over 17 years, Danny Corn has been on the vanguard of electronic music, leaving the trends to other people. As a DJ, he is known as an instrumental player in the formation of the "west coast" sound. Over the years Danny Corn has traveled extensively and played with just about everybody who has made moves in the scene. A champion of syncopated, bass heavy music, Danny Corn rides the edge of experimental sounds, whilst staying firmly committed to the dance floor. Portland, OR has found Danny Corn taking time to channel all of his experience into music production. His current sets are a eclectic mix of originals, exclusives and personal favorites.

Dropping Gems - Olympia, WA

Ghost Feet is an electro-acoustic duo composed of Calvin Erdal and Rachel Dubuc. The release of their debut EP Wires and Chords on Dropping Gems has introduced a world of listeners to their brand of glitchy head-nodding ambiance. Receiving coverage and acclaim from notable sources all over the internet, including XLR8R and Resident Advisor, Wires has demonstrated the spectrum of emotions the duo are capable of commanding. Their live show takes things a step further, introducing audiences to a full experience sometimes only implied on record. As Calvin recreates the busy percussion and Rachel strums out dusky melodies on her guitar, the tones and rhythmic shape of their music take on a massively visceral quality. The effect on the members of the audience is clear to anyone in attendance: dancing and hypnosis, to be found in equal measure.


Dropping Gems - Seattle, WA

Seattle native DJAO, aka Alex Osuch, has been a DJ for over a decade, but the last two years have seen him shift focus towards his work as a producer. It began at the in-office studio of a former employer, where he was permitted to come in after-hours and hungrily experiment late into the night. It’s been in the past year, however, that his music has really begun to take shape and flourish. After joining up with Dropping Gems, Alex began to produce in earnest, and his live performances have since evolved on a nearly show-by-show basis. His music covers a wide swath of the electronic spectrum, with no ultimate plan to settle on any single style. Instead it exemplifies the progressive tradition of mixing elements from different disciplines into a cohesive whole, in service to a central harmonic vision.


//12hr notice// Uniting Souls// KURLY SOMTHING// SEA

With various years under his belt exploring diverse public and private audio/ visual/ installation experiences, JT helps bring the party inside to Seattle bars + clubs. Hooker DJs eclectic tunes, runs refined and dirty beatbox effects over other DJs, and creates live, customized video projections and lighting installations at stunning spaces in Seattle + beyond.