Friday, December 9, 2011

    AUDIOVOID (San Franisco, CA) 12:45 - 1:45am
(REPLACED WITH)   SPLATINUM!!! (Seattle, WA)  11:45pm - 12:45am
    NovaTRON (Seattle, WA)  10:45 - 11:45 pm
    ILL COSBY (Seattle, WA)  9:45 - 10:45 pm
siLLy oCean (Pacific West Coast /// North America) 9:00 - 9:45 pm
    Live Visuals by HOOKER (12hr notice, Uniting Souls)

>>Tickets are $8 adv, $10 door<<   
9pm-2am | 21+ w/ID
    1325 E Madison St
    Seattle WA



    Audiovoid - SF
Muti Music, Addictech, LayerZ

    The “audiovoid” sound is generally thick, edgy, and heavily psychedelic. Focusing mostly on (but certainly not limited to) breaks and midtempo/glitch-hop oriented sounds. While the “LayerZ” sound has been focused heavily on the vibe of dubstep inspired material. However, as the name suggests, it is usually anything but sparse. generally cramming several twisted layers of lush melody, intricate sound design, and unexpected change-ups into the mix.

  Latest tracks by audiovoid 

    From early involvement in Metal bands at around the age of 12 to the eventual journey towards IDM, Techno, Psy-Trance, D&B, Breaks, and Electro, L.G. was never limited to just one genre. Groups like ‘The Orb’, ‘NIN’, ‘MBM’, and ‘Art of Noise’ were also early influences. In 1998 he began djing and within another year was diving diving head first into full on electronic audio production. In 2002 eighty minutes of material from various demos and musical sample mashup/experiments were compiled to form his first (Now Out Of Print) full length CD, “Twilight Machine” which was Only available in ‘Physical Cdr’ form at Amoeba Music. In 2003, Ultra Records nominated him a top finalist for a remix he did of Sasha’s ‘Wavy Gravy’. In 2004 he released “”Disconnect Yourself” on MDEX Recordings and has more recently released some Mind Bending Breaks, IDM and Dubstep on Muti Music as well as the “Online Only” album titled ‘Whispers From ShadowZ’ on the “Addictech Records” Label.

    Heavenly Father - LA
People Music egretfully announces that HEAVENLY FATHER will NOT be able to attend due to a lost luggage situation on an international flight last evening. Heavenly Father feels awful for missing the show and extends a heartfelt apology to the people of Seattle, and promises to make up the show at a later date in the very near future.

 great live shot of SPLATINUM in action!

SPLATINUM  is the collaboration of Andrew Luck and Adam Houghton. Their musical output spans genres but the common element of devastating low-end threads through every composition.
Their recorded output is matched by a hyperkinetic live performance that pushes the envelope of electronic improvisation and showmanship. Combined with their flair for the dramatic and crowd interaction their shows pulse with enthusiasm and energy.

  Latest tracks by SPLATINUM 

“Luck and Dosadi’s rhythms and bass frequencies slug and surge with a thrilling high impact”
“every sound seems to be massaged extensively and genetically tweaked to maximize grimy bling-osity,  coating the tracks in high-gloss soot” – Dave Segal, The Stranger

    NovaTRON is not just music, it's a way a life~

    The sonic wizard that exists on this Earth as NovaTRON (aka the Breakbeat JEDI) is a designer of musical experience that defies all categorization. An animal like no other, NovaTRON creates completely original beats that are improvised on the fly on the 'TRON Box', a self-constructed constellation of audio hardware... The music born from the marriage of the mind of a mad scientist and the TRON Box is a unique symphony of breakbeats, a reality twisted into a science of experimentation that combines to form an aural experience that can only be lived in the present.

  Latest tracks by novaTRON 

    NovaTRON’s organic live sets capture the ephemeral nature of art and existence and strap it down with a thick layer of bass before letting it go on it’s way out to the world and into your body. His beats take you on a trip through multiple realms of reality with a professor of phunk at the helm NovaTRON is a master of the moment who continues to push the limits of electronica with each and every new set.

    Ill Cosby - SEA

    Ill Cosby is a Seattle-based DJ/producer and the head of the Car Crash Set record label. Since 2009, Car Crash Set has been releasing a steady stream of cutting edge bass music from both local artists and artists from around the globe. Car Crash Set has released music by Distal, C.R.S.T, Gremino, Cedaa, 214, Cardopusher, and others and has released remixes from the likes of Girl Unit, Dubbel Dutch, Jam City, Kastle, VVV, Om Unit, and more.

  Latest tracks by carcrashset

    In 2011, Car Crash Set released “No Northwest”, a compilation highlighting producers based in the Pacific Northwest. As a DJ and host of a radio show on England’s Sub.FM, Cosby brings a broad spectrum of electronic music to the function, touching on elements of dubstep, UK garage, electro, house, and beyond. Cosby is a veteran DJ who has played alongside acts such as Pearson Sound, Rusko, Ikonika, Addison Groove, Drop The Lime, Nguzunguzu, and many others.


siLLy oCean
Pacific West Coast /// North America

There are only a few that have gone where there are no roads, one of those space cats would be JAM mOatZart ( siLLy oCean ), who has silently been stalking the bass coast EDM scene as a kryptic beat meister and cymatic sonic storyteller using native digital instruments from the likes of his infamous eyeSOAR studios since the dawn of the 21st century.
  Latest tracks by DJ siLLy oCean 

siLLy oCean has recently sprung a leak across the globe on internet radio stations including the post shows on with listeners in over 100 countries and this heat wave continues to grow with each mix show that has been released for the past several weeks...

Sounds of deep soulful bass driven underground silly pop glitchy breaks that might burn the house down. expect siLLy oCean to be breaking free from conventional methods that will sit you up & stand you down on a roller-coaster tempo of sure fire & a few nice wave of surprises...