Wednesday, December 19, 2018

People Music Presents WOOLYMAMMOTH at Kremwerk

People Music Presents 
w/ Subduktion, Episcool ÅSE
21+, $10 adv, $13 door, 10:30 - 2:30 am


21 year old experimental trap, hip hop, bass music wunderkind Woolymammoth may have only just graduated high school, but he has already made serious noise in the scene. His debut “Tricks EP” on Buygore Records was hailed as “the filthiest thing you’ll hear all day” and a product of “one of the year’s most inventive musical minds.” Wooly, or Jason Wool as he is known to his friends, has shared stages w G Jones, Bleep Bloop, Ivy Lab, b2b w EPROM, Shades, Tsaruda, TRUTH, Buku, Joker, Liquid Stranger, Tokimonsta; and played such festivals as Lightning in Bottle, Wobbleland, and Electric Forest. 

Please welcome him to Seattle for this intimate event, extra subs will be present, and we have kept the ticket cost low. Let's pack this place, and celebrate the Holiday Season together!


EPISCOOL - - Bellingham
ÅSE - - Seattle

Thursday, October 11, 2018

People Music Presents

DNA :: An-Ten-Nae & Dov1
Oakland, CA

Dov1 & An-ten-nae are two of the most active movers and shakers in the west coast bass music scene, combining forces on production for the first time in 10 years since their first release under the name DnA.In the past 6 months they have released 3 EPs of diverse bass music, blurring the lines between Halftime DnB, Drum & Bass, Trip Hop, Hip Hop and even some Reggae, working with the the mighty King Mas.

An­ten­nae is a constant production machine, who has created new avenues for bass music under his various monikers, including Dimond Saints, Invisible People, Lowriderz and Black Crow. An­ten­nae has over 100 releases under his belt and collaborations far and wide. His most recent album charted in the iTunes Top 10 and was featured on Huffington Post and Billboard. 

Dov1 is one of the pioneers of bass music in the San Francisco Bay Area.He is a prolific DJ, performer, label owner and music and talent selector for many labels and clubs nights. Known largely for his role as founder & owner of Muti Music and helping define the sounds coming out of the US west coast. As a producer his sounds are rooted in heavy bass and a blending digital and organic textures. Previously reviewed and featured by iDJ, Mixmag, Knowledge, CNET and a widerange of quality publications, and his work at the root level of the Bay Area music scene makes his influence is felt from the underground upwards.

Huxley Anne
Los Angeles, CA

Huxley Anne’s live sets are always fresh & original, pushing the boundaries between jazz, bass, and experimental music, largely influenced by the LA beat scene. Composing ethereal electronic music that evokes lust, pain, and movement akin to Burial, with an edgy hint of punk that creates trembling bass lines in the vein of EPROM & Jlin, Huxley Anne identifies an electronic artist. Surrounded by nature as a child, she spent her formative years studying ballet, playing in bands, and working on her three forms of expression—-music, movement, and visual art. Her music stands out, fusing elements of abstract hip-hop, heavy bass, experimental electronica, and textural ambience to create a new genre that plays smoothly in an art gallery or seduces you at the club. With her minimal gothic aesthetic, and shy persona, she often finds herself behind the synths on stage, or dancing, well-hidden behind the veil of her own projections. 

Vancouver, BC

SHINY THINGS come from dirty places: rolling in rave dust since childhood, the colorful vibes awoken during prepubescent trips in the desert have transmuted into some of the future sounds of today. From the interior groves of the west coast, this one’s a contributor; when not on stage you’ll find him on the floor, with glistening wits and moves for days. Selections all with good taste, these hyphy but paced, futuristic but deeply rooted psychedelic sounds are delightfully hype at any hour.

Nofux Gibbons
Seattle, WA

Bellingham, WA

21 + / $15 before 11:30, $20 after 
10pm - 4am

Monday, June 25, 2018

TAAL MALA w/ Kloak, Korra The Kid, Canaan

People Music & Reload Present
w/ Kloak, Korra The Kid, Cannan
21+ | 10pm - 2am | $7 adv - $10 door
Timbre Room - Seattle

Taal Mala

+ +
+ +
+ +
+ +
+ +
+ Lighta!, Modern Math, Babel, Aufect - Van City BC +
Soundbwoy Obliterating Futuristic Riddim 'n' Bass Flex Killing sound since '97, and often described as un-categorizable, Taal Mala’s music is inspired by the perpetual booty bounce and it's sonic odyssey throughout new riddim prototypes, to classical and contemporary auricular standards, and takes influence from past, present, and future dub-wise rhythms. UK Garage, Grime, Jungle, Techno, Footwork, Acid, UK Hardcore, Reggae, and Dancehall are all partially responsible for the fusion that is created. As a member of the Lighta! Soundsystem, Taal Mala has remained one of the few DJ's still dedicated to burying an excess of tin pan soundboys with dubplates played on the vastly superior format of vinyl records.
Taal Mala's first vinyl 12", 'Criminal Youths/Mud Up' was released on Badman Press Recordings Oct, 2010. Other releases in 2010 include the 'Dreader Than Dread EP' also on BadmanPress Recordings, 'Stakker Humanoid - [Sub-Osc Remix]' on Jumpin' & Pumpin', Ill Gates & Meesha - Sweatshop [taal mala remix] on Muti Music. February 2012 saw the release of 'Evy Jane - Say So [taal mall remix]' 12" on King Deluxe Records. 'Lenses/Mirrors' was released on Aufect Recordings in 2011. Released on 10Pin Recordings 'Blackout' in Feb. 2013 and 'Output Your Insides / X-Axis' forthcoming on 10Pin Records in 2014. July 2014 saw the release of "White Label EP" on 12" and digital with Modern
Math Recordings, and 'Elegant Replica/Elegant Replica [Michael Red remix]/Michael Red - Change/[taal mala remix]' released on 12" on Babel Recordings in January 2017. Also forthcoming in 2018 is a remix of Sam Binga “King & Queen” featuring Rider Shafique and


+ +
+ +
+ +
+ +
Eric Ulvog - Seattle WA, formerly EMU of the SMOG dubstep crew out of Los Angeles. Now producing and DJing multiple styles of music, he is still grounded in his deep dubstep roots, and has been pushing bass music culture up and down the West Coast and beyond for 17 years. He has recently started a digital label and production entity The Foot.

Korra The Kid

+ +
+ +
+ Bellingham - WA, Underground Transmissions, Deep N Bass +
Korra the Kid has entered the bass scene at an unheard of speed since her first club performace after her 21st birthday last May. As Deep N Bass's youngest resident DJ, she specializes in liquid drum and bass and halftime, but her long history in music and mixing has let her become a DJ who is fluent in the many genres of underground bass. After sharing the stage with big name artists such as Spectrasoul, Chimpo, Truth, Holly, and more, Korra the Kid has become a name synonymous with clean, quick transitions and unique mash ups. Having mixed for over four years and performed at prestigious venues such as Kremwerk, Q Nightclub, and The Wild Buffalo, it is clear her mixing style is the product of practice and an understanding of the underground music scene.


+ +
+ +
+ Seattle, WA - Limits +

DEEP N BASS & People Music :: Lost Boys (MiMOSA & BOGL) + more!

For our next monthly DEEP N BASS it's all about teamwork (to make those dreams work!). We're excited to team up with 'People Music' to bring in two well-established solo artists that have joined forces on their fresh new music project. Please welcome:


The LO$STBOY$ is a brand new electronic, bass heavy, multi genre, multifaceted duo consisting of MiMOSA and BOGL. We're extremely proud to present the well-anticipated debut album "GET LO$T" . We hope you guys enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it.  ONE LOvE

△ △ △

...Supporting lineup... 
(listed alphabeticaly)





△ △ △

10pm-4am / 21+ / $10 before 11pm $15 after @ Monkey Loft

Please make sure to "like" our page - DEEP N BΔSS so we can keep you informed.

We're constantly releasing music, live recordings, and studio mixes @

Please help us keep this a safe and inviting environment for all. We have a zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and any other form of hate. If you see anyone displaying any of these kinds of behavior, please tell the staff immediately. 

People Music presents: FORT KNOX FIVE

People Music presents...
w/ Pressha, Bgeezy , Tony H 
FRI 11/17 @ Kremwerk Seattle
10pm > 2am - 21+ - $10 adv

Fort Knox Five
(Washington D.C.)

Some seriously funky groups come in Five’s The Jackson 5, The MC 5, Jurassic 5… and of course Fort Knox Five. Fort Knox Five is known for bending genres and using a broad range of musical elements in their creation of highly original music. This approach ultimately pioneered a funky scene where FK5 continues to top charts today.

While Fort Knox Five compose music like a band in the studio with live instrumentation blended into electronic music,they are renowned for their exciting and eclectic DJ performances. Founding members Steve Raskin and Jon Horvath established a unique live DJ set using mashedup acapellas and effects woven into original tracks, exclusive mixes and dance floor destroyers. These sets have proven to be irresistible to club goers worldwide, rocking parties with infectious grooves that effortlessly move from funk, reggae & glitchhop to prime time 4/4 beats & breaks. With the untimely passing of Jon H, Steve Raskin has taken over as the principle DJ for the group and now leads the charge of the Fort Knox brigade on the road into the funky future. He tours their signature brand of glitchedout funk with high energy sets in every environment from pools to lounges to world famous clubs and some of the largest festivals across the globe. Fort Knox Five has toured and performed for nearly two decades alongside major artists like The Beastie Boys, Snoop Dogg, Public Enemy, Jurassic 5, Z Trip, Diplo, A Trak, Craze, Gwen Stefani, the Black Eyed Peas, A Skillz, Krafty Kuts,Stanton
Warriors, Bassnectar, Skrillex, and London Electricity. They have performed on 5 continents and in over 30 different countries and have had their music featured on every medium from awardwinning video games to Oscarwinning films.

Forget about tempos and genres, let Fort Knox Five take you on a musical journey that unites the funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and electronic generations.

A staple of the West Coast electronic music scene, Matt McGiveron a.k.a. Pressha has dominated the decks as both an opener and a headliner for many years. Having started out mixing classic rock and hip hop, later moving into breaks and drum n’ bass, and now focusing around a variety of types of bass music, Pressha is a DJ of great range and his years of experience and passion for music is evident in his performance. Whether he’s wrecking the dance floor as a resident of Seattle’s biggest weekly (SUBstance Wednesdays), sonically stimulating a crowd under the stars at some of the West Coast’s most beloved events including Burning Man, Paradiso, Emissions, and What The Festival, or blasting an arena sized sound system to a 20,000 person massive (most recently, Lucky 2013 w/ Pretty Lights headlining), he brings the heat with sharp precision, impeccable mixing skills, and the freshest tune selection on the block. Additionally, Pressha has put out several internationally renowned mixes through his SoundCloud and has more recently began focusing on creating original music and collaborating with other artists. ��Pressha has shared the stage with some of the biggest and most innovative names in bass music such as Skrillex, Andy C, Caspa, Eprom, Starkey, and G Jones, as well as toured nationally as opening support for artists such as the Polish Ambassador, Love & Light, and Gladkill. Seasoned technical skills, a profound love for the art of DJ-ing, and hundreds of shows under his belt, Pressha is a true master of his craft and one of the most respected DJ’s on the West Coast.

Madness / Studio44 / FWD/ Trashed
Kingdom/Fancy Footwork /1990Now

Tony H
House of Bangerz / Jet Alone Music / Viva Recording / Beat Ascension Recording / OpenSource Records / Mi Casa Records/ 5Howtime Music/ Zero Urban Digital Records / Dark City Records / Tape Deck Music / Klinik Room/Lounge

Anthony Henderson, known professionally as Tony H is a Panamanian tech house, deep house, techno and minimal producer and DJ.

He has had the opportunity to open for the likes of DJ EVA, Trevor Vichas, Hector Moralez, Astronomar, DJ BL3ND, Kristian Nairn aka DJ Hodor, Dean Mason, Donald Glaude, Jason Curtis, The Crystal Method, MSCLS, The Verdugo Brothers, Paul Oakenfold, Minnesota & Bacosaurus.

In 2015 he founded his own label, Late Night Munchies which has already released dozens of original tracks and remixes by artists and contributors from all over the globe. The brand's regular shows featuring new music combined with Tony H's live performance skills and engaging personality has translated into a strong following of supporters. Most recently, In 2017, he started his own mix series called The Drive-Thru featuring guest mixes from djs and producers from all around the world.

MUX MOOL w/ Vox Mod, Subset, Ladice

People Music presents...
Mux Mool 12-1am
VOX MOD 11-12
Subset 1-2am
Ladice 10-11pm
Saturday - October 14th - Kremwerk
$10 / 10pm - 2am / 21+

Artist Bios: 
Mux Mool - Denver
Ghostly International
Skirting the edges of a hundred peeling stickers on dusty bins in forgotten record stores, Mux Mool didn’t set out to throw critics into a labeling tizzy—he just makes what sounds right. Jagged broken beats slip-slide across circuit-bent, pitch-shifted synths in a dystopian wasteland of 90’s nostalgia. The Mux Mool arsenal is a moody collection of instrumental dynamism vacillating between the serious and the silly.
He made his public debut on Moodgadget’s compilation, Rorschach Suite, with his track “Lost and Found” followed by an appearance on the Ghostly International and Adult Swim compilation Ghostly Swim with the ever-popular track “Night Court”. Lindgren found his audience amongst the neo-nerd ne’er-do-wells raised on junk food, taurine, and Adult Swim bumps. In a country steeped in pop and technology, a music geek with computer knowhow and cheap keyboards smashed the gatekeeper model with sonic sketches that went viral. His early work slipped onto “best of” lists in the mid-2000’s alongside fellow Swim alum Flying Lotus. Two Drum EPs and two full-lengths (2010’s Skulltaste and 2012’s Planet High School) cemented his Ghostly standing among the crate-digging elitists of the hip-hop world, but the nascent bass music movement latched onto the nomadic beatsmith, aligning him with the wonkier, brainier echelon of producers.
Brian Lindgren has been on the move from the beginning, hitting classy corners of happening neighborhoods, from Minneapolis to Brooklyn to Ann Arbor—dipping his toe into each burgeoning metro area, and soaking in the creativity that emanates from a scene on the rise. Relocating to Denver, Colorado, the epicenter of all things electronic, Lindgren is hitting his stride in time with the city that now more than ever towers above the landscape of the entire industry.
Now exposed to a vastly different audience of post-adolescent sub addicts, Lindgren didn’t tune in, turn off, and sell out; rather, the cerebral subsonic alignment of his body of work put him right in the crosshairs of tastemakers who heard whispers of his name all along, following the release of his most recent album Appetite for Production. The kids just get it. The Mux Mool catalogue is a hand-me-down from the older brothers of the scene, outlining where we are and where we’re going.

VOX MOD - Seattle
"Vox Mod’s ascent through Seattle’s musical ecosystem has been as thrilling as his densely detailed electronic symphonies. All of Vox’s rigorous research and development have culminated in his riveting new album, SYN-ÆSTHETIC. Collaborating with Palaceer Lazaro (Shabazz Palaces), Irene Barbaric (Eighteen Individual Eyes), Erik Blood, and others, Vox Mod (Scot Porter) has crafted a varied, organic-sounding collection of outward-bound songs that ingeniously commingle hiphop and techno tropes. These compositions sprawl elegantly into silky vastness, all stellar melodies and sleek propulsion." -Dave Segal, The Stranger

"Scot Porter meticulously hand-drew, frame by frame, the animation for his music video “Iridescent Asteroid Mists.” By laying a piece of transparent acrylic between his legs and turning on a desk lamp, he carefully traced and redrew the fractal shapes that populate the remarkable video, full of cosmic choreography and strange geometry. Choosing to do this rather than use computer-powered animation shortcuts is emblematic of the singular kind of electronica Porter has been making under the name Vox Mod. In a genre populated by mechanistic beats and robotic tones, Vox Mod’s music sounds like organic chemistry. His recent LP, SYN-ÆSTHETIC, is full of bio-rhythmic pulses and warbles that might soundtrack the coolest science-class video on cellular evolutionary theory. Performing live, he pushes harder to connect than his laptop-gazing peers do, headbanging more than most rock groups. While his album drops references to the early-’90s dystopian cartoon Aeon Flux, Vox Mod’s music sounds more like a bioluminescent Utopian future."
-Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly

Subset - Seattle
Noise Complaint
You can never be completely sure what you’re in for when you see Subset perform - even he isn’t too certain what to expect. Honing his craft over the past six years in the demanding and eclectic New York City scene, Subset has soaked up the variety of music NYC has to offer and developed his unique sound by finding ways to weave all of these loose threads together.

From his weekly bass music party at Webster Hall (BASSment Saturdays) to his renegade sets at festivals around the country to massive sets at Holy Ship!, Camp Bisco, and Burning Man, Subset knows just what to play to set the perfect tone, no matter the setting.

Subset has made his name and built a following in an unconventional manner. The usual formula for DJs is to lock themselves away in their studios and become antisocial while their hone their craft. Subset decided to flip the status quo and go hyper-social instead. He has spent the last six years building communities and developing close, personal relationships with those who enjoy his music. 

BASSment Saturdays, the legendary bass music weekly Subset hosts and curates at Webster Hall, has become a home and a family for electronic music fans all around the Northeast. Some fans travel hours to be there every week, not necessarily for the headliners, but for the family and the vibes that inhabit that space.

Subset has also been an integral member of the Holy Ship! community known as Shipfam. For years, he has thrown countless preparties, afterparties, renegade sets, and meetups. In 2015, HARD recognized his aptitude for curation and event planning, and tapped him to curate his own stage at all Holy Ship! official preparties. In 2016, HARD recognized the demand that he had built over the last four years, and gave him sets on both Holy Ships.

As his reach expands, Subset is seeking to use his platform to continue and expand his curation, launching a monthly livestream series based out of TPA Studios in Manhattan as well as collaborating on new monthly parties around the US. Subset is also diving into the studio on the heels of his wildly successful collaborative remix of Destructo & Bot's SHIPFAM anthem. Expect more projects and a lot more new music in 2016!
"A shining ambassador of the more respectable side of dubstep." - Time Out New York

Ladice - Seattle

Symbiosis Global Eclipse Pre-Party ft. Machinedrum

As the moon approaches alignment in the Northwest, it's time for us to come together as a city and celebrate our 2 favorite things: lunar transformations and Machinedrum.

In anticipation of the Global Eclipse Gathering, Symbiosis Gathering, Tom Kha Music, SOUNDPIECES and People Music are proud to present the Official Oregon Eclipse Preparty in Seattle on Friday, July 28th at Monkey Loft, with very special guest:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


North Carolina-born artist Travis Stewart AKA Machinedrum has produced and composed over a dozen albums under various aliases since his first independent release in 1999. Covering an astonishing variety of styles through his solo work and with collaborative projects Sepalcure, JETS and Dream Continuum, Travis delivers his signature on everything he touches.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

With Support From:

::: OVOID :::

::: ROB NOBLE :::
(Deep n Bass // Manifest)

::: ASE :::

::: BOGL vs. TOM KHA :::
(Soundpieces) (Tom Kha // Forms //Upper Left)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

21+ // 10PM-4AM // $20 at door
No Presale Tickets

Monkey Loft
2915 1st Ave South
Seattle, WA 98134

Oregon Eclipse Tings: