Monday, June 25, 2018

DEEP N BASS & People Music :: Lost Boys (MiMOSA & BOGL) + more!

For our next monthly DEEP N BASS it's all about teamwork (to make those dreams work!). We're excited to team up with 'People Music' to bring in two well-established solo artists that have joined forces on their fresh new music project. Please welcome:


The LO$STBOY$ is a brand new electronic, bass heavy, multi genre, multifaceted duo consisting of MiMOSA and BOGL. We're extremely proud to present the well-anticipated debut album "GET LO$T" . We hope you guys enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it.  ONE LOvE

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...Supporting lineup... 
(listed alphabeticaly)





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10pm-4am / 21+ / $10 before 11pm $15 after @ Monkey Loft

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