Sunday, April 30, 2017

BOGL, Tiger Fresh 6/9 @ Nightjar Seattle

EXODUB, Tom Kha, Skarfux (Skarfron + Nofux Gibbons)
$10 adv includes fees / $10 door
Free Before 10pm
Nightjar Seattle / 21+ / 9pm - 2am
407 2nd Ave Ext S, Seattle, WA 98104


Griffin March aka BOGL, is a self-taught DJ and music enthusiast originally from Las Vegas, NV. With his parties, Soundpieces, Bogl has been able to host and play alongside current left-field artists from around the world in San Francisco and beyond for years. His charisma is like that of a friendly ghost; he is kept close to your heart as one would a godfather, while basically existing as an untouchable phenomenon. He’s become known for appearing out of what seems like thin air to play an eclectic selection of bass heavy productions, take you to an unfathomable dimension, then suddenly vanishing to another far off place. It make us wonder how it’s even possible for Bogl to exist. 

His career has taken him literally all over the globe touring alongside artists such as Diplo and Truth, he’s been a resident at Outlook Festival, Symbiosis Gathering among others, and makes frequent stops anywhere from Asia, to Europe, to Canada. With his career as a DJ nearing ten years, Bogl is moving forward to release secret production projects with fellow bass music artists, while leading the rapid expansion of Soundpieces that already has a long-term established legacy of blowing minds with their “good fortune” music experiences.

Tiger Fresh

Tiger Fresh is a illustrator/graphic designer, co-founder of the We Got This Label, hiphop/trap/whateverism producer, Dj, activist, swashbuckling psychedelic maverick and full time proponent of everything trippy. Growing up throughout the West coast, Tiger has had rap music in the walkman before Micheal Jordan was winning championships and is currently in Oakland California on a constant pursuit to keep the community on high vibrations through the myriad of creative endeavors. 


Tom Kha

(Skarfron & Nofux Gibbons)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

El Papachango, Barisone, PRSN, NOIZ 4/29 @ The Underground Seattle

SAT - APRIL 29th - 10pm to 3am - 21+
$14 adv includes fees, UPDATE $15 door


El Papachango  (Oakland CA) 
El Papachango from Argentina moved to the States as a young adult and brought with him a love of music from South America that he blended with west coast underground beats to create a groove that is unique and infectious to dance floors everywhere.
Sexy, soulful and funky sounds come out of him even when hes fast asleep.

El Papachango is also one of the core creators of the legendary El Circo, one of San Franciscos most prominent avant-garde performance groups that has been delivering music with a grip like Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, Freq Nasty, Antennae, Dj Laura Low and many others. His Latin fusion, tropical, hip hop influence in a very tangible dance floor experience.

Barisone (Portland OR)
Known for bringing a multitude of tasteful music to the dancefloor, Portland based artist, Barisone provides a balanced yet diverse collection of tunes that span many genres. Dedicated to DJing since the 90's, he draws inspiration from that era and his love for Hip Hop and Dancehall music. His focus is intimacy and it's clear to any audience that he is most passionate about moving people through sound.

Over the past several years, Barisone has been a staple of the west coast underground scene. Flying under the radar at many of the U.S. and Canada's most popular festivals, while slowly building a fan base one dance floor at a time. More recently, he and collaborator, PRSN have been curating Wake The Town, a flavorful monthly that has proven to be one of Portland's most interesting and impressive dance parties. A true selector, Barisone always delivers exactly what is needed to set the vibe and move the people.

PRSN (Portland, OR)
A (person) is a being, such as a human, that has certain capacities or attributes constituting personhood. PRSN is a play on such things, framing a personal identity and distinction to the musical moniker. PRSNs selections illustrate a connection between a wide variety of bass heavy rhythmic patterns, generally rooted in hip hop and dancehall. Back home in Portland, OR; him and Barisone collaborate on a monthly event dubbed Wake The Town, where they bring through their favorite artists from around the globe to celebrate hard hitting bass music and island sounds.

NOIZ (Seattle, WA)