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EPROM at ReBar - Dec 12th

artwork by kyttenjanae
design by Molly Brooks

People Music Presents

SAT - Dec 12th - ReBar 
1114 Howell - Seattle
21+ / $15 / doors at 10:30pm

Ticket Link Coming Soon


Sander Dennis makes loud music. Unrepentantly blaring, aggressive, brutal, sometimes even macho music. That's not exactly a point of distinction in the exploding American electronic music scene. But EPROM's music is, perhaps paradoxically, also some of the most subtle and inventive of his West Coast peers, meshing the rude with the avant garde. He carefully manipulates each element to a degree usually reserved for the fussiest of minimal techno producers. An EPROM track roars, belches, squeals and shrieks, sounds contorted into frequencies stretched to their limits.

Unlike many of his US brethren, Dennis' music isn't exactly dubstep. In fact, it's more hip-hop than anything else. (He often loads his strange sludgy brew with dirty south rap percussion—snares that slide off the greasy surfaces.) But he doesn't quite fit in there either. His music is too willfully weird to fit a formula. Just take his idiosyncratic obsession with the aquatic, for example. Water bubbles prop up unstable melodies all over his debut album Metahuman. So maybe that's why he's become one of the biggest underground electronic producers in America: Like all of the best music, genres don't encapsulate what he's doing. It's better just to focus on what it feels like, namely unleaded physical power and giddy destruction.


Partners in Grime aka Pressha & Kat1lyst first met in the year 3033. Both had been Stationed on the 12th Planet to explore unknown areas of bass. They first met during a very dark time in the universe known as the Great Skrillex Depression. Working together in the deep coal mines of Noisia is where these two honed their skills.

Pressha being a master of the Abacus and Kat1lyst being highly skilled in the art of Taxidermy these two knew they had no choice but to team up.

Shortly after coming together to form the PiG alliance these two went on to create life changing inventions. Things such as the Fizzy Lifting Drink, Swiss Cheese, The Revolving Door, The Cucumber and the most important thing of them all.. Their 8th mix in a series of mixes.

These two have opened for a huge roster of talent. Sharing the stage with people such as Obama, Merlin, The Girl Next Door, Bunny Sparkle GoGo Festival Goddess, Slush Puppy, Random Henchmen#2, Satan, Tom From Myspace, Season 3 of Teen Mom and last but not least Elton Johns Hairdresser.

We truly hope you enjoy the musical journey that is Partners in Grime.


(Q Nightclub / Seattle, WA)

Rachel Morales, also known as Altesse is a California born, Seattle based DJ whose love for dance music developed at a very young age. She was exposed to various forms of dance music such as Jungle, Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, Trance, House as well as Techno. This exposure has transitioned her becoming a well-rounded, multi-genre DJ. Her DJ resume is a great reflection of her appreciation for various forms of dance music. From sharing the stage with TWRK, and Mayhem at Volume, Alison Wonderland at Q as well as mixing hip hop at Aston Manor. She has landed a residency at Q nightclub on their FWD Wednesday nights, as well as their MADNESS Saturday nights. DJ-ing has been her focus on the forefront. Her goal is to eventually create the music that she loves, so she can deliver the feeling she gets from seeing her favorite artists.

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THE GASLAMP KILLER - October 25th, 2014 - Re-Bar Seattle

People Music presents an intimate evening with...

SAT | OCT 25th | $22 adv
Seattle, WA 98101
The Librarian - 10:30 > 12:00
The Gaslamp Killer - 12:00 > 1:30
Hendrix Jones - 1:30 > late

Artist Bios:

LA’s William Bensussen, aka The Gaslamp Killer, is many things at once. The San Diego native is a bonafide one-off; an artist and human being that can never be repeated. With an unparalleled energy, the DJ, producer, promoter and curator brings a different level of performance and showmanship to electronic music.

"I always felt drawn to party time ever since I was little. Any kind of opportunity; a wedding, bar mitzvah, holiday. Whatever kind of event that was going on in my little community in San Diego, if there was music, I was dancing. It's just the way it was. I've always been into the energy and the happiness that it brings.”

Being a true music lover, and a complete obsessive, as a DJ/selector Bensussen has opened minds around the world to music that wouldn’t otherwise get heard. In his own words: “As artists, it's our job to entertain as well as educate.” Alongside co-founder Daddy Kev, GLK has put Southern California on the music map for years to come, with their beat mecca Low End Theory and the vibrant creative community they’ve built around it. The weekly Wednesday club night has brought together different scenes and generations, breaking new artists while also getting the likes of Thom Yorke and Erykah Badu to play DJ sets to the fevered Low End crowd, who often wait hours to get in.

Over the last ten years, Gaslamp Killer’s iconoclastic attitude has led him beyond LA to far-reaching corners of the globe, one stage at a time: from Pitch in Amsterdam, to Sonar in Barcelona, to Austin Psych Fest, to Roskilde in Denmark, to Coachella. Holding a collection of well over 13,000 vinyl records, GLK’s untamed, unpredictable sets take traditional genres of rock into the outer reaches of hip-hop and the deep into the cosmic pressure of the heaviest electronic beats, with plenty of obscurity and bizarreness in-between.

The now rare, GLK collectables “I Spit On Your Grave” (Obey) and “All Killer” (Finders Keepers) inspired a new generation of DJs to appreciate the art of a mixtape. Dusted Magazine described his follow-up mix, “Hell And The Lake Of Fire Are Waiting For You” (self-released), with words that describe GLK as a DJ in general: “Trying to figure out what’s going on is half the draw.”

"The music that I grew up with influences me today enormously still. I love classic rock, I still love Dub and I still love Rap. Real rap. Gansta rap. I love bands, live bands, it's the music I grew up with. I don't think there are that many bands that can compare to Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors. They're not popular for no reason. I play The Beatles in my sets all the time still. Their music is a huge influence on me. I still play Dr Dre in my set all the time. His beats and the rhymes, the energy, they just affect me so much. They are a part of me. As well as Hip Hop, as well as Rock, and Blues, and Soul, and Jazz, and Reggae, and Dub. That kind of music I think lends to everything that we are all into today. All of us are fueled by that. The formulas that they laid and the foundations that they laid are used by musicians forever and will continue to be used forever.” (GLK, from an interview with Serato)

As a producer, The Gaslamp Killer has worked with artists such as Gonjasufi, Prefuse 73, and Flying Lotus. His own experimental solo material pushes the borders of genre as much as his performances, particularly with his heavy- weighted EP ‘My Troubled Mind’(Brainfeeder) and the monster ‘Death Gate‘ EP (Brainfeeder), which featured Gonjasufi, Computer Jay and Mophono.

Released on Brainfeeder in September 2012, ‘Breakthrough’ marked the debut full-length album from the Gaslamp Killer. Blending California-inspired psych with widespread global influences, on ‘Breakthrough’ GLK brings together a potent cast of friends to contribute to the album, with guest appearances from Gonjasufi, Adrian Younge, Dimlite, Daedelus, SAMIYAM and more. A musical anachronism and unconstrained compilation from a wandering spirit.


Shhhhhhhh! Andrea Graham is known as the Librarian, but don't be fooled by her deceptively quiet composure. The Bass Coast Music Festival's co-founder and music curator has been making some very loud noises up and down the Pacific Northwest for the better part of a decade. Her knack for blending total dance floor destruction with sly subtleties and hot new exclusives makes for a consistently accessible, yet undeniably future sound. Indeed, her festival's carefully crafted music line-up is a perfect mirror of her style. Serving up a veritable who's who of the West Coast bass scene and reaching deep both backwards and forwards, The Librarian offers up unabashedly hard-hitting low-end bliss paired with thoughtful, sophisticated chops.


(Dj: Zac Hendrix with Master of Ceremonies: Leland Jones)

Seattle native Zac Hendrix is a world class selector and has served as Del the Funky Homosapien's DJ for the past 12 years. Leland Jones is the co-founder, lead vocalist, and main producer for legendary underground hip-hop crews Insult2Injury and All Flags Burn. As Hendrix Jones, they are responsible for the wildly successful Midnight Hotline Rendezvous club nights that feature soul and funk music from the early 1980's. Their "MHR" parties are some of the largest of their kind in the world and are the only ones to feature such a uniquely hip-hop spin on the genre. Be prepared to dance! These heavyweights are gonna reach deep into their 20,000-count crates to get extra funky for you!

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Peanut Butter Wolf - Seattle 9/14/13

Adv Ticket Sales have ended. 
Tickets available at the door for $15. 
Set Times:
Shapey 9-10
Zac Hendrix 10-11
The New Law 11-12
Peanut Butter Wolf 12-1:30

1114 Howell St
Seattle, WA

Peanut Butter Wolf, is a world renowned DJ, hip-hop producer, and founder of the hip-hop record label Stones Throw Records.

Among the true talents in the late-'90s new skool of old-school hip-hop, Peanut Butter Wolf began DJing as a teenager and became quite an entrepreneur at his San Jose, CA, high school, selling mix tapes of his turntable work. He debuted on wax in 1989 with "You Can't Swing This" on All Good Vinyl, recorded with a smooth MC named Lyrical Prophecy. By the end of the year, PBW began working with MC Charizma, and the two gelled quickly, perfecting their skills at block parties and shows with the likes of the Pharcyde, House of Pain, and Nas. Just after the duo gained a record deal with Hollywood Basic in 1992, Charizma was shot and killed.

Unsure of where to turn without the talents of his MC, Peanut Butter Wolf began issuing strictly instrumental work, including his first release, Peanut Butter Breaks on Heyday Records. Tracks followed for the Bomb label (on the excellent Return of the DJ compilation) as well as Om Records. Though the MC had ruled the world of hip-hop since the mid-'80s, selected DJ crews began to get exposure in the dance underground by the late '90s, including DJ Shadow, the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, and the X Men (whose name was later changed to the X-Ecutioners, for copyright reasons). Peanut Butter Wolf joined the elite as well, recording for dance labels 2 Kool (the Lunar Props EP) and Ninja Tune (remixing the Herbaliser) as well as contributing production work for fellow old-schooler Kool Keith.

With the foundation of his Stones Throw label, PBW began developing tracks recorded earlier with MC Charizma and released work by another Bay Area crew, Fanatik. His debut production LP, My Vinyl Weighs a Ton, appeared in 1999. The year 2002 brought two excellent compilations, The Best of Peanut Butter Wolf and the Stones Throw 7" collection Jukebox 45's. In 2003 he put out Badmeaninggood, Vol. 3 and the next year he produced a compilation CD/DVD of his label's artists, Stones Throw 101. Since then he has focused more of his energy in building up Stones Throw, though he still performs the occasional DJ gig in Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, and the U.S. Peanut Butter Wolf is also a member of the L.A. hip-hop orchestra Breakestra. To celebrate the decade his label had been in existence, Chrome Children was released in collaboration with Adult Swim in 2006, and Stones Throw: Ten Years in early 2007.
The New Law Seattle based producers Adam Straney and Justin Neff have created a unique style of instrumental music featuring organic and synthetic hip hop beats combined with evolving soundscapes, dreamlike sax, dusty samples, soaring synths, and pulsing drum machines that can only be defined as The New Law. 

 Zac Hendrix is a dj, producer, and all around funky cat, as it turns out. He was born in the city of Seattle and grew up in nearby South King County. After early years as a bedroom dj, and subsequent years performing locally, Zac officially entered the independent hip-hop game on a full-time basis in 1999. He has traveled extensively as the DJ for Del the Funky Homosapien (since '02), Bukue One (since '99), and Insult2Injury (since '96). He is also a member of The Handsome Skeletons, Hendrix Jones, All Flags Burn, and several other noteworthy groups that you not have heard of yet. Whether he's rocking a large festival or a small club filled with the most discerning funk aficionados, he's guaranteed to turn some heads. This is definitely not "dj so and so". The message is positive, the beats hit hard, and the vibe is earthy and honest...and did we mention funky?

SHAPEY is vinyl DJ, and member of the Seattle Funk band Marmalade. Shapey, aka DJ Shapeshifter, combines smooth blends, and dance floor friendly track selection with on point scratching to produce a sound with consistent universal appeal that has earned him a devoted following here in the Emerald City. 

Monday, March 4, 2013


SAT | APRIL 27th | 21+
429 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle WA 98109

 "Witnessing Swamp torture the 1200's is like watching a magic show.
Urb magazine 

Swamp began mastering his DJ skills more than 15 years ago. In 1996, his rookie year, he took the title of USA DMC CHAMPION. Being true to his nature in an arena that was predominantly influenced by a very hip hop-esque culture, Swamp stepped up to the decks looking like some kind of junky punk. He was well received by the audience despite his counter-culture appearance because he exhibited skills that defied perception and already possessed a stage presence that many of his contemporaries still lacked. The finale came when he closed his set by freakin' Deep Purple's 'Smoke on the Water' and then smashing his records.

"DJ Swamp is unquestionably one of my favorite musicians. His talent is simply undeniable. What I love is how each and every time he has put on a performance, whoever I brought with me that night became an instant fan. Literally, I'd compare it to the spreading of a disease [that has] no cure. It is always sensational to watch him." (Thank you, Jack)

Although he's a hip-hop/d&b artist, his demeanor and appearance are closer to that of a metal head. He has been referred to as "the Sid Vicious of the DJ's", and has been known to have violent on-stage fits more characteristic of a rock star than of a hip-hop turntablist. While it's easy to compare him to rock/punk legends, in the world of DJ's he stands alone. Roguish behaviors such as: breaking his records then cutting himself with the fragmented remains; spitting fire; and performing cunnilingus on diamond-tipped phonograph needles really only provides the frame work to showcase what those that are in the 'know' recognize as extraordinary turntable skills. Breakbeats, scratching, juggling, and mutilating LPs and vinyl without losing the beat are all a part of a day at the 'office' for Swamp. Sometimes they end with a trip to the hospital: "I had to go to the hospital in Phoenix recently with second-degree burns," Swamp said from his publicist's office in New York. "I lit my hand on fire and then blew fire on it and basically became a blow torch. I don't use fire retardant or anything because this is low budget. Dude, I'm just a fire retard."

For four years DJ swamp toured as a member of beck's band. Immediately following his decision to depart from the band, swamp released his solo debut album, 'never is now' and toured to back the release. His decision to go out on his own gave him just the independence that he was looking for and opened up the avenue to self-expression that both he and the fans were seeking.

Contrary to how he flows when rhyming (eg. "How can I dis you, I've never even heard of you"-lyrics from 'Worship the Robot'), he expresses a certain sense of reverence when reflecting on the path he's traveled. When considering how he's managed to maintain critical mass his response is typically "I'm the luckiest person you'll ever meet. Something's always popping up. I'm just in the right place at the right time." Statements like that shouldn't suggest that he hasn't worked hard or employed incredible ingenuity to get where he is. He procured the spot with Beck by posing as a reporter to pass off his demo in person.

Swamp says that he draws off of his environment and a ten year affinity with a nameless muse for inspiration. He observes "what's going on" and converts his impressions into his art. His musical influences range from hip hop, to metal, punk, industrial and anything in between.

DJ Swamp has graced the pages of: Rolling Stone, Spin, Subculture, Raygun, Mean, DJ Times, Keyboard, Rap Sheet, Mixer, Rap Pages, The LA Times, and Urb.
"Working hard to bring good music people.."

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People Music Productions X Car Crash Set Present:
Saturday - March 3, 2012 @ LoFi Seattle

(East Orange, NJ)
"For those unfamiliar with the ballroom house scene: we’re far from experts ourselves, though Chantal Renault’s recent photo book Voguing: Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 98-92 and accompanying compilation for Soul Jazz – not to mention Steve Shaw’s excellent recent piece on MikeQ for FACT – makes us wish we were.
In short, it’s a mostly black, gay dance scene synonymous with New York and New Jersey and competitive dancing; in the ‘90s, the scene’s emphasis on “throwing shade” – one queen giving attitude to another – reached new levels, and dancers battled on the floor for the glory of their house, in the spirit of a model representing a fashion house on the catwalk. In recent years, MikeQ has emerged as the voguing new school’s most celebrated DJ and producer: his sample-heavy tracks combine the stepping feel of classic ballroom with a razor-sharp modern edge (often built around the Master of Work-sampling “ha” crash that appears on many of his, and other ballroom producers’ tracks), throwing nods to UK Funky and Night Slugs style club music; Night Slugs artist Kingdom, in fact, recently released some of MikeQ’s music on his new label Fade to Mind."
(Bellingham, WA)
[Fade To Mind / Car Crash Set]
Kid Simple (LIVE)
[Swing & Skip / Car Crash Set]

(Seattle, WA)
[Dropping Gems / Car Crash Set]

(Seattle, WA)
[B.YRSLF Division / Car Crash Set]
The Lo-Fi Performance Gallery
429 Eastlake Ave, Seattle, WA
21+ / 9 PM Doors / $8 DOS

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

People Music and Dropping Gems presents...

MUX MOOL (Ghostly International - Brooklyn NYC)
DANNY CORN (PDneXt, Frite Nite - PDX)
GHOST FEET (Dropping Gems - SEA)
DJAO (Dropping Gems - SEA)
(Uniting Souls - SEA)

live visuals by 12hr notice (CBAC - SEA)
9pm-2am | $10 per person day of show | 21+ w/ID
    1325 E Madison St
    Seattle WA

Ghostly International - Brooklyn NYC

Mux Mool -Planet High School (2012) [Ghostly] // Grade: A-

If Mux Mool’s debut full-length Skulltaste rounded up the familiar sounds of NES-generation suburban boredom, Planet High School channels its mid-20-something future self: The older brother a few years out of college, still enamored of all that frantic wackiness, sure, just slightly more even-keeled in expressing it. We’re not talking some major about-face here — Mux Mool’s still dealing in the same shades of chiptune, drum and bass, downtempo and hip-hop that defined Skulltaste — but there’s enough confidence and restraint about Planet High School to make you wonder if maybe, just maybe, Brian Lindgren’s beginning to chill out. You know, a little.

   Because really, Planet High School shines brightest in its most relaxed moments. Lindgren’s production goes all buttery and smooth here, with tracks like “Ruin Everything” and the prancing two-step staccato of “Palice Chalice” building effortlessly into a labyrinth of beat and bass. There’s something almost Royksopp-ish about the way these harmonies weave through each other, even the harsher, bitcrushed arpeggios of “Raw Gore”; it’s that instant emotional connection of notes to nostalgia, a tough-to-define atmosphere shifting its mood with every measure.

   ‘Course, this being Mux Mool and all, that mood often shifts into sheer sonic overload. The back-and-forth breakbeats of “Live at 7-11”, that wicked wobble in “Get Yer Alphabets (Guns)”; this is where Planet High School sends your head spinning, goes vertiginous in all its ramped up excitement. It’s that iconic Skulltaste vibe, only here it’s treated as an accent to the album’s pacing rather than its heavy core. You might wonder how you got from point A to B, but rest assured: Planet High School always spins you back around to center. Just like a good older brother should.

PDneXt, Frite Nite - Portland, OR

For over 17 years, Danny Corn has been on the vanguard of electronic music, leaving the trends to other people. As a DJ, he is known as an instrumental player in the formation of the "west coast" sound. Over the years Danny Corn has traveled extensively and played with just about everybody who has made moves in the scene. A champion of syncopated, bass heavy music, Danny Corn rides the edge of experimental sounds, whilst staying firmly committed to the dance floor. Portland, OR has found Danny Corn taking time to channel all of his experience into music production. His current sets are a eclectic mix of originals, exclusives and personal favorites.

Dropping Gems - Olympia, WA

Ghost Feet is an electro-acoustic duo composed of Calvin Erdal and Rachel Dubuc. The release of their debut EP Wires and Chords on Dropping Gems has introduced a world of listeners to their brand of glitchy head-nodding ambiance. Receiving coverage and acclaim from notable sources all over the internet, including XLR8R and Resident Advisor, Wires has demonstrated the spectrum of emotions the duo are capable of commanding. Their live show takes things a step further, introducing audiences to a full experience sometimes only implied on record. As Calvin recreates the busy percussion and Rachel strums out dusky melodies on her guitar, the tones and rhythmic shape of their music take on a massively visceral quality. The effect on the members of the audience is clear to anyone in attendance: dancing and hypnosis, to be found in equal measure.


Dropping Gems - Seattle, WA

Seattle native DJAO, aka Alex Osuch, has been a DJ for over a decade, but the last two years have seen him shift focus towards his work as a producer. It began at the in-office studio of a former employer, where he was permitted to come in after-hours and hungrily experiment late into the night. It’s been in the past year, however, that his music has really begun to take shape and flourish. After joining up with Dropping Gems, Alex began to produce in earnest, and his live performances have since evolved on a nearly show-by-show basis. His music covers a wide swath of the electronic spectrum, with no ultimate plan to settle on any single style. Instead it exemplifies the progressive tradition of mixing elements from different disciplines into a cohesive whole, in service to a central harmonic vision.


//12hr notice// Uniting Souls// KURLY SOMTHING// SEA

With various years under his belt exploring diverse public and private audio/ visual/ installation experiences, JT helps bring the party inside to Seattle bars + clubs. Hooker DJs eclectic tunes, runs refined and dirty beatbox effects over other DJs, and creates live, customized video projections and lighting installations at stunning spaces in Seattle + beyond. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

    AUDIOVOID (San Franisco, CA) 12:45 - 1:45am
(REPLACED WITH)   SPLATINUM!!! (Seattle, WA)  11:45pm - 12:45am
    NovaTRON (Seattle, WA)  10:45 - 11:45 pm
    ILL COSBY (Seattle, WA)  9:45 - 10:45 pm
siLLy oCean (Pacific West Coast /// North America) 9:00 - 9:45 pm
    Live Visuals by HOOKER (12hr notice, Uniting Souls)

>>Tickets are $8 adv, $10 door<<   
9pm-2am | 21+ w/ID
    1325 E Madison St
    Seattle WA



    Audiovoid - SF
Muti Music, Addictech, LayerZ

    The “audiovoid” sound is generally thick, edgy, and heavily psychedelic. Focusing mostly on (but certainly not limited to) breaks and midtempo/glitch-hop oriented sounds. While the “LayerZ” sound has been focused heavily on the vibe of dubstep inspired material. However, as the name suggests, it is usually anything but sparse. generally cramming several twisted layers of lush melody, intricate sound design, and unexpected change-ups into the mix.

  Latest tracks by audiovoid 

    From early involvement in Metal bands at around the age of 12 to the eventual journey towards IDM, Techno, Psy-Trance, D&B, Breaks, and Electro, L.G. was never limited to just one genre. Groups like ‘The Orb’, ‘NIN’, ‘MBM’, and ‘Art of Noise’ were also early influences. In 1998 he began djing and within another year was diving diving head first into full on electronic audio production. In 2002 eighty minutes of material from various demos and musical sample mashup/experiments were compiled to form his first (Now Out Of Print) full length CD, “Twilight Machine” which was Only available in ‘Physical Cdr’ form at Amoeba Music. In 2003, Ultra Records nominated him a top finalist for a remix he did of Sasha’s ‘Wavy Gravy’. In 2004 he released “”Disconnect Yourself” on MDEX Recordings and has more recently released some Mind Bending Breaks, IDM and Dubstep on Muti Music as well as the “Online Only” album titled ‘Whispers From ShadowZ’ on the “Addictech Records” Label.

    Heavenly Father - LA
People Music egretfully announces that HEAVENLY FATHER will NOT be able to attend due to a lost luggage situation on an international flight last evening. Heavenly Father feels awful for missing the show and extends a heartfelt apology to the people of Seattle, and promises to make up the show at a later date in the very near future.

 great live shot of SPLATINUM in action!

SPLATINUM  is the collaboration of Andrew Luck and Adam Houghton. Their musical output spans genres but the common element of devastating low-end threads through every composition.
Their recorded output is matched by a hyperkinetic live performance that pushes the envelope of electronic improvisation and showmanship. Combined with their flair for the dramatic and crowd interaction their shows pulse with enthusiasm and energy.

  Latest tracks by SPLATINUM 

“Luck and Dosadi’s rhythms and bass frequencies slug and surge with a thrilling high impact”
“every sound seems to be massaged extensively and genetically tweaked to maximize grimy bling-osity,  coating the tracks in high-gloss soot” – Dave Segal, The Stranger

    NovaTRON is not just music, it's a way a life~

    The sonic wizard that exists on this Earth as NovaTRON (aka the Breakbeat JEDI) is a designer of musical experience that defies all categorization. An animal like no other, NovaTRON creates completely original beats that are improvised on the fly on the 'TRON Box', a self-constructed constellation of audio hardware... The music born from the marriage of the mind of a mad scientist and the TRON Box is a unique symphony of breakbeats, a reality twisted into a science of experimentation that combines to form an aural experience that can only be lived in the present.

  Latest tracks by novaTRON 

    NovaTRON’s organic live sets capture the ephemeral nature of art and existence and strap it down with a thick layer of bass before letting it go on it’s way out to the world and into your body. His beats take you on a trip through multiple realms of reality with a professor of phunk at the helm NovaTRON is a master of the moment who continues to push the limits of electronica with each and every new set.

    Ill Cosby - SEA

    Ill Cosby is a Seattle-based DJ/producer and the head of the Car Crash Set record label. Since 2009, Car Crash Set has been releasing a steady stream of cutting edge bass music from both local artists and artists from around the globe. Car Crash Set has released music by Distal, C.R.S.T, Gremino, Cedaa, 214, Cardopusher, and others and has released remixes from the likes of Girl Unit, Dubbel Dutch, Jam City, Kastle, VVV, Om Unit, and more.

  Latest tracks by carcrashset

    In 2011, Car Crash Set released “No Northwest”, a compilation highlighting producers based in the Pacific Northwest. As a DJ and host of a radio show on England’s Sub.FM, Cosby brings a broad spectrum of electronic music to the function, touching on elements of dubstep, UK garage, electro, house, and beyond. Cosby is a veteran DJ who has played alongside acts such as Pearson Sound, Rusko, Ikonika, Addison Groove, Drop The Lime, Nguzunguzu, and many others.


siLLy oCean
Pacific West Coast /// North America

There are only a few that have gone where there are no roads, one of those space cats would be JAM mOatZart ( siLLy oCean ), who has silently been stalking the bass coast EDM scene as a kryptic beat meister and cymatic sonic storyteller using native digital instruments from the likes of his infamous eyeSOAR studios since the dawn of the 21st century.
  Latest tracks by DJ siLLy oCean 

siLLy oCean has recently sprung a leak across the globe on internet radio stations including the post shows on with listeners in over 100 countries and this heat wave continues to grow with each mix show that has been released for the past several weeks...

Sounds of deep soulful bass driven underground silly pop glitchy breaks that might burn the house down. expect siLLy oCean to be breaking free from conventional methods that will sit you up & stand you down on a roller-coaster tempo of sure fire & a few nice wave of surprises...